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"I want the fashion industry to actually invest in the black-owned brands so they have longevity"

Founder of Serendipitous Project, Sydney Ziems, talks to us about being the creator of the work you want to see in the world.

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Can you tell us a bit about Serendipitous Project, an overview in your own words?

Serendipitous Project is a sustainable jewelry brand dedicated to creating a community of conscious fashionistas who shop intentionally to make the world better.


What inspired you to start the business?

I was having a hard time finding a place where I belong in the workforce. This brand was a necessity for me to have a place where I could create and have a space where I could freely be myself. 


What has been a moment as a brand founder that you are incredibly proud of?

Definitely my first return customer. It is so validating putting your work into the world having it be received well, and someone wanting more!


As an independent business yourself, what advice can you give to other self-starters?

You don't have to have everything perfect. You will learn and adapt along the way! Just do it!


What changes do you want to see in the fashion industry? How are you hoping to contribute to those?

I want the fashion industry to actually invest in the black owned brands so they have longevity. I want to see more companies offer to fill the gap and give access in spaces that black people do not occupy at the moment. There are a lot of institutional blocks (primarily capital) that prevent black brands from operating at the same level as their counterparts.


Any other independent brands that you want to shout-out?

Panache, Abacaxiny, Paripassushop

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What should we look out for from the Serendipitous Project in 2021?

Growth! I have grown so much in the past year and I am really excited to continually be able to perfect my brand, and refine my vision for the world. I want to create some more in-person initiatives to really create a community of people. I hope once we return to normal I will have the opportunity.

What can people do to support your business?

Word of mouth is powerful! Like, Post, Share, is truly priceless and does wonders! Instagram is getting increasingly hard to connect with people if you are a brand so subscribing to our newsletter is also such a valuable way to stay in touch!


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