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The Assembly is a platform and resource for independent brand founders and advocates.

Keep up to date with some of the brightest minds in the indie space and learn how you can support the movement.


"I want the fashion industry to actually invest in the black-owned brands so they have longevity"

Founder of Serendipitous Project, Sydney Ziems, talks to us about being the creator of the work you want to see in the world.

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"Meet everyone you have the opportunity to, you never know where that person will go next"

Co-founders of Curate Beauty, Samantha Freedman and Margot Vitale share their #1 Tip for Self-Starters. 


"As a Gen Z founded company, we want to see more brands catering to this generation's perspective on inclusion, diversity, mental health, and self care."

Co-founder of FRONTMAN, Annelise Hillman, shares how she and business partner, Nick Bunn, want to change the beauty industry to be more inclusive of Gen Z men.

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